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Depending on the nation’s strategic planning in AI development as well as the future demand of the digital economy, our lab aims to become the first integrated research center that covers AI infrastructure development, research, assembling, and supply of hardware and software. We are expected to introduce three major supportive platforms for technological innovation of AI, including a technical platform for cloud-computing, a digital platform for smart medical services, and a research platform for chip engineering. Meanwhile, in order to support and serve further advancement of AI research and application, we are facilitating another two platforms, one for online industrial interconnection and the other one for Big Data and Smart city development.

  • 01The platform for fundamental could-computing technology
    An effective could-computing platform will be formed to provide the foundation and environment for AI research and development, and further support greater application of AI technology. This system maintains both heterogeneous basic resources and heterogeneous multi-tasks, which enable us to further achieve the fair allocation of resources and budget according to actual demand and quantity. Meanwhile, the system provides computing support and cloud-computing services to reinforce larger-scale applications for government-designated projects.
  • 02The platform for Intelligent medical services and data collection
    The country is experiencing an acceleration of population aging and an ever-growing increase in the number of patients suffering from chronic diseases. Meanwhile, medical resources and advanced healthcare services are scarce, and the government expenditure in pubic healthcare has arisen to an unexpected level. Consequently, a smart healthcare system has become the new potential and new approach to tackle our current challenges. The idea of building a practical platform to collect, label, and manage complex medical data enable our scientists to process smart medical researches. A wide range of applied studies in relation to intelligent imaging, including its models and algorithms, its analytical models and algorithms, and its intelligent diagnostic models and algorithms will be implemented.
  • 03The platform for chip engineering
    With the rapid development of the AI industry, the demand for dedicated computing chips in various industries is also rising significantly. Our lab is determined to build a platform for particularly chip development, and to form the basic environment for independent chip research, thus breaking up the foreign monopoly power in this field, and ensuring domestically-produced chips are highly secure and effective.
  • 04The platform for online industrial interconnection
    Work synergistically with the lab’s faculty of AI application in digital economies, a cloud-computing-based online intelligent industrial platform is built to perform as a key infrastructure for carrying various applications.
  • 05The platform for Big Data and Smart city development
    Both the lab’s research center and the faculty of AI application in digital economies are jointly constructing a basic urban big data platform, with the aim of becoming a leading infrastructure for carrying various applications.